Podlaskie Voivodeship

Podlaskie Voivodeship 

Podlaskie Voivodeship is located in the north-east Poland. It borders with three other provinces: Warminsko-Mazurskie, Mazowieckie and along a short section with Lubelskie voivodeships. It also borders with Lithuania in the north-east and with Belarus in the east. Podlaskie Voivodeship marks the internal (Lithuanian) and external (Belarusian) border of the European Union.  Mainly agricultural region with dynamically developing sector of food, milk, meat, poultry and cereals, as well as the sectors: light, wood, construction and engineering.

Total area of the voivodeship: 20 187 km2

Number of citizens: 1 188 800

- in urban areas: 60.6 %

Population per 1 km2: 59 persons/km2
Principal city: Bialystok
Bigger cities in the voivodeship: Suwałki, Łomża, Augustów, Bielsk Podlaski, Grajewo

Industrial & Technology Parks: Białostocki Scientifical and Technological Park, Scientifical and Technological Park Eastern Poland, Podlaski Industrial Park in Czarna Białostocka, Industrial Park in Zambrów
Regional Investor Assistance Centre: Bialystok

 Special Economic Zones:
  • Suwałki Special Economic Zone (SSSE) is one of the fastest developing economic areas in Poland with one of the best infrastructures in the country. Excellent location – immediate vicinity of eastern border of the European Union, proximity of borders with Russia, Lithuania and Belarus are among the main advantages of the Zone. It offers a wide range of investment possibilities, complex services supporting investment process as well as a possibility to benefit from the highest tax exemptions in the country. SSEZ consists of eighteen separate territories in north-east of Poland with a total surface of 635 0653 ha:• Suwałki Sub-zone -164,8015 ha (city and commune Suwałki)• Ełk Sub-zone -127,4053 ha• Gołdap Sub-zone – 57,3341 ha (commune)

    • Białystok Sub-zone – 94,2779 ha

    • Łomża Sub-zone – 7,6884 ha

    • Małkinia Górna Sub-zone – 23,9200 ha (commune) (Gemeinde)

    • Grajewo Sub-zone -20,2437 ha

    • Szczuczyn Sub-zone – 11,9518

    • Bielsk Podlaski Sub-zone – 5,2989 ha

    • Siemiatycze Sub-zone – 10,2307 ha

    • Czyżew Sub-zone – 6,9126 ha

    • Hajnówka Sub-zone – 3,1409 ha

    • Narewka Sub-zone – 29,3122 ha

    • Nowogród Sub-zone – 25, 9869 ha

    • Sejny Sub-zone – 3,8988 ha

    • Olecko Sub-zone – 25,3954 ha

    • Zabłudów Sub-zone – 12,9958 ha

    • Ostrów Mazowiecka Sub-zone – 4,2704 ha

Follow online: http://www.ssse.com.pl/en 

  • Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone  EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN  – was established in 1997 until 31st of December 2026r. It is a dispersed Zone, located in 21 subzones with individual investment areas. The total area of the Zone amounts to 1 743.30 ha. In Podlaskie Voivodeship TSEZ EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN consists of investment areas located in Łapy24,15 ha. Follow  https://tsse.arp.pl/en 

Map of Public Aid

Mapa pomocy publicznej (2)

Investment opportunities

• proximity of the border with Lithuania and Belarus
• good network of roads
• well developed system of tertiary and secondary education
• growing number of private enterprises and constantly increasing activity of entrepreneurs
• natural environment favourable for a development of food production, timber and construction sectors
• low labour costs: 82.3% Polish average indicator
• dynamic development of the region

Sectors with huge potential

Food production

  • network of modern food sector plants:

o    Mlekpol – dairy products with „Łaciate” brand

o    Mlekovita

o    Kompania Piwowarska which is a brewery, owner of Białystok-based beer brand Żubr and other national beer brands,

o    Białystok-branch of spirits producer “Polmos” with „Żubrówka” brand

o    Suempol – salmon products producer

  • dynamic development of dairy production:

o    2nd place in cow milk production

o    19% of the domestic milk output is purchased by the Podlaskie voivodeship

  • Mlekpol and Mlekovita – in the lead among the largest dairy firms in Poland, substantial share of the output of „Mlekovita” is sold on the EU and Eastern markets.
  • favourable natural conditions:

o    farmland constitutes approx. 62% of the total area of the region

o    natural conditions favourable for ecological production


  • machine sector plants:

o         Pronar Ltd – producer of tractors, face gears, cabins etc. – invests in innovativeness by employing over 200 engineers

o         Samasz from Białystok – the largest in Poland and leading European producer of modern lawn mowers


  • outstanding natural features of the voivodeship:

o    swamps, forests (30% of the voivodeship area)

o    numerous lakes and water routes

o    over 30% of the area is subject to environmental protection:

  • Augustów Wilderness, one of the largest of this kind in Poland
  • Augustów Channels – together with their lakes and Czarna Hańcza river form attractive water routes
  • Białowieski National Park – one of the best preserved primeval forests in Europe – since 1979 on the “World Heritage List”
  • Biebrzański National Park – the largest national park in Poland
  • Narwiański National Park – referred to as “Polish Amazonia”
  • Wigierski National Park – in 1975 enlisted on the “International Environmental Protection Union” of the most precious parks in the world;
  • Podlaskie is the most diversified region in the country in terms of cultural heritage
  • clean natural environment:

o    voivodeship referred to as “Green Lungs of Poland

  • numerous opportunities for tourism:

o    water tourism

o    spa tourism

o    environmental-recreational tourism

o    business tourism

  • important national routes:

o         Via Baltica, linking Scandinavia and northern Russia with Central and Western Europe

Economic potential

Average monthly gross wages and salaries (in PLN) in 2015 in Podlaskie is 3 647,08 PLN, which is 88% average monthly gross wages and salaries (in PLN) in 2015 in Poland.

Local job market 

Economic activity of the population aged 15 and more (BAEL) in Podlaskie in I Q 2016 is: 512 thous. economically active persons, 55,8 % activity rate, 8,4 % registered unemployment rate.
Selected higher education institutions
University of Białystok
selected faculties: chemistry, economics, biology, history
Technical University of Białystok
selected faculties: architecture and urban planning, electronics, political science, management and marketing, forestry, logistic
Medical Academy in Białystok
Higher School of Finance and Economy in Bialystok
Higher Economy School in Bialystok
Higher School of Public Administration
Information Technology and Enterprise Academy in Łomża
State Vocational University in Suwałki

Selected investors who have invested in the region

Construction - Unibep S.A., Nordhus S.A., Danwood S.A.

Food and dairy industry - Spółdzielnia Mleczarska “Mlekpol” w Grajewie,  Okręgowa Spółdzielnia Mleczarska w Piątnicy, Spółdzielnia Mleczarska w Łapach,  Spółdzielnia Mleczarska “Mlekovita” w Wysokiem Mazowieckiem , Spółdzielnia Mleczarska “Rospuda” w Filipowie, Suempol Sp. z o.o.  z Bielska Podlaskiego 

Machine industry -  SaMASZ, Contractus Sp. z o.o. 

Others - Grupa MTC Plus, Malow, AC S.A., Kasol, CHm, Adampol, IKEA, Masterpress, Kinga, Plum 

Province capital – Białystok

The town’s development began in mid 18th century. It is the biggest industrial, cultural and scientific centre in the region. Most of cultural institutions and higher schools are located here, among them one can find theatres, philharmonic, museums, university, medical academy, technical university and universities of economics. The town is one of the leading centres of puppetry in Poland.


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