Sixteen investment sites awarded with The Golden Site Award

179 investment plots presented by 142 Polish municipalities in Poland have just completed the fight in the Golden Site Contest for the title of the most attractive site for production projects in each of the Polish province. On 20 October, in Warsaw, president of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ), Tomasz Pisula, together with marshals of all voivodships and management of the Investor Service Centres, presented awards to the sixteen winners of the competition. The Golden Site Contest was held under the patronage of Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Development Mateusz Morawiecki and Związek Województw RP (The Association of Polish Regions).

Arranged every two years by PAIiIZ, Marshals of all Polish Voivodships and Regional Investor Service Centres (COI), the Golden Site contest is held in each of sixteen Polish provinces. It aims to select and awards the best greenfield sites in each region that has at least 2 hectares and is under the Local Development Plan is dedicated to industrial project. The competition is open to all Polish municipalities that can submit any number of offers. There is, however, one exception. The plot should not be covered by the programme of Special Economic Zones or Technology Park.

The Golden Site Contest has been divided to two parts. In the first part, representatives of the Investor ServiceCentres in each province, made a pre-selection among 179 applications submitted for the competition. Due to that, 81 investment plots (45% of all applications) entered a group of the semi-finalists. All semi-finalists went through a comprehensive audit. They were also visited by the contest’s jury consisting of PAIiIZ and COI experts as well as representatives of local marshal offices. Competitors were also asked to present the site during a short, one-hour presentation to simulate initial talks with a potential investor. After assessing the level of preparation of all areas for future investments, the jury has selected one, leading investment site in each province to complement it with the Golden Site Award.

The list of this year’s winners is dominated by small plots up to 5 hectares. There are seven of such finalists. According to PAIiIZ data, those type of sites have the biggest chance to win investors, as the companies supported by the Agency are mostly interested in such offers. One of the winners from this group is Zamość, that submitted 4-hectare-plot for the contests. Zamość is a frequent participant of the Golden Site Contest and recognizes its promotional effect. “Thanks to the pro-investment policy of the local authorities, as well as due to the support of PAIiIZ, we report growing interest in the city of entrepreneurs, including those from outside Lubelskie province” – says Tomasz Kossowski, director of the Department of Urban Development in Zamość City Hall. As he adds, 7 investors has already entered the city. The similar approach presents mayor of Stare Miasto in Wielkopolska, Ryszard Nawrocki, “Participation in the competition is an opportunity for us to strengthen our competence. This is a significant element of building a professional investment offer” – explains Nawrocki, whose municipality submitted a 3-hectare-plot to the contest.

Also municipalities with larger areas are trying to win investors. Among this year’s winners’ of the Golden Site Contest there are three plots that have from 5 to 10 hectares. They are located in Sieradz (Łódz province), Krapkowice (Opole province) and in Końskie (Świętokrzyskie province). All of those three plots have a big chance of investment success. PAIiIZ reports that one-quarter of investors that are interested in greenfield offers, asks for such plots. Moreover, among this year winners there are much bigger sites, including two that exceeds 90 hectares. Those are: Strzelin in Dolny Śląsk and Chorzele in Mazowsze province.

All of the winning plots will be added to PAIiIZ Database of Investment Offers that already have 2,000 greenfield sites offered to investors. Municipality that took part in the contest a well-tailored investment offer and winning the Golden Site Contest is a gateway to lucrative investment contract. PAIiIZ statistics shows that more than half of the previous winners of the contest already won investor. Especially for the municipalities located in those areas of Poland that not often catch the eyes of investors, the contest gives them the opportunity to be discovered. This chance should not be overlooked. (PAIiIZ)

A few areas were represented by our region in the final stage of the competition: Augustów – 20,00 ha, Białystok – 2,08 ha, Bielsk Podlaski – 4,90 ha. According to the jury  the most attractive offer for potential investor presented city of Białystok. Statuette and diploma were passed from Mr. Marek Proniewski, Director of the Department of Regional Development Office in the Marshal’s Office of the Podlaskie Voivodeship to the Mr. Robert Jóźwiak, vicepresident of Białystok.